About Us

When owner Randy Kime began working at Bonnie & Clyde’s Muffler Center in 1984, he did so with the dream of providing the kind of muffler repair that you just don’t see elsewhere in Yakima, Birchfield, Union Gap, or Yakima County, WA, with an unparalleled focus on quality while maintaining truly affordable prices. He purchased the business in 2006 and was able to watch his dream come to life.

Since then, our business has grown to specialize in enhancing the performance of all types of vehicles, from your first beater sedan to your light-duty diesel pickup, from your new SUV to your giant motorhome. Equipping your ride with an exhaust system that is right for both your type of vehicle and your driving preferences doesn’t just improve its overall performance, but also ensures you get optimum fuel mileage, which lessens the strain on both the environment and your wallet.

We Have a Reputation For Honest & Reliability

Over the last half a century, we’ve built up a reputation for honesty, reliability and expertise that we’re proud of. We are locally owned and operated, which means not only that we can accurately diagnose and treat performance problems with your vehicle that are specific to our regional climate, but also that we treat every customer like what you are: neighbors.

Extensive Experience

We have extensive experience with mufflers, exhaust systems, shocks and struts, and have performed every imaginable related service on vehicles of all makes and models, all types and sizes. Our technicians have been with us for decades, and can offer you professional advice on how to get peak performance out of your vehicle, but will never try to push a sale.

We Use Cutting Edge Tools & Equipment

We use top-quality systems from the names we’ve known and trusted for decades, including AP Gorlic, Diamond Eye, Dynomax, Flo Pro, Flowmaster, Magnaflow and Walker. This practice ensures not only that you see dramatically increased performance every time, but also that your vehicle is safer than ever. So if you need our quality service or troubleshooting advice, just contact us and call 509-248-1273 today.