Muffler Repair & More in Yakima, WA

As your leading muffler and exhaust system repair expert in Yakima, Birchfield, Union Gap, and Yakima County, WA, Bonnie & Clyde’s Muffler Center provides expert spring repair and installation and other services on all makes and models of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, light trucks, motorhomes and more. We provide quality systems from the names we know and trust, including:

  • AP Gorlic
  • Diamond Eye
  • Dynomax
  • Flo Pro
  • Flowmaster
  • Curt Hitches
  • Magnaflow
  • Walker
  • K&N Filters

For all of our services, we are dedicated to providing your car with lasting value and equipping it for peak performance. Our specialties include:

Parts and accessories

We keep our extensive line of car and truck parts and accessories well-stocked for you, carrying catalytic converters, rollup Tonneau covers, headers, custom pipes, shock absorbers, Flowmasters, K & N filters, 4- and 5-inch diesel kits and more.

Exhaust system service

We offer new exhaust system installation, and provide repair and maintenance services for your existing one. We are also happy to customize your existing exhaust system with exhaust manifolds and OEM pipes to get your vehicle to operate at peak capacity.

Muffler repairs and service

We provide expert performance muffler installation in Yakima, WA, and can also repair, service or find a replacement for your broken muffler as necessary.

Shocks Service

Shocks play a crucial role in achieving your vehicle’s perfect driving balance, ensuring both safety and optimal mileage. If you’re experiencing poor steering response, braking instability, uneven tire wear, swaying, bouncing, or any damage to the shock body, it’s time to visit Bonnie & Clyde’s Muffler Center for immediate shock repair and installation.

Trailer hitch installation

Whether you need a heavy-duty hitch for your horse trailer or just want to pull a small trailer with your regular-sized sedan, we provide impeccable custom trailer hitch installation of trailer hitches to add value to your vehicle rather than taking it away.

We Use Cutting Edge Tools & Equipment

For all your muffler, exhaust system, shocks repair, and installation needs, contact Bonnie & Clyde’s Muffler Center at 509-248-1273.